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"Time Bomb" - #2 Euro Indie Top 200


"Time Bomb" Global Top 50 Radio Hit!


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His new release “Time Bomb”  begins as signature AV modern classic rock recorded in a live room of Nashville’s finest authentic Americana musicians under the eye of producer James House and care of mega-engineer Joe Costa. To make the songs ”Club Ready” AV asked his friend and band leader, DJ hit maker Michael Bradford, to lift the really good stems and infuse them with his expert Moog playing and programming. The result is several Dance/Rock mixes designed especially for club DJs who dig dance tracks that sound, play and fill the floor like a proven radio hit should.

"Time Bomb" - #2 Euro Indie Airplay


"Time Bomb" - #1 Global Dance Club Chart


"Time Bomb" Top 50 Global Pop Radio Chart


Read "Time Bomb" Press Reviews:

"While there has been a lot of truly gifted and talented voices to emerge from the American EDM scene in the last few years, none have been as universally acclaimed and buzzed about in the indie community as AV Sunshine, who releases an excellent club mix of his song “Time Bomb”." - Band Blurb (Jamie Morse)

"You don’t have to be an expert on indie buzz to know that the name AV Super Sunshine is being thrown around an awful lot by some pretty big names in the music world, and despite the fact that I rarely, if ever, endorse intensely hyped artists, AV is a very special case." - Gas House Radio (Sebastian Cole)

"AV Super Sunshine is a rockstar of the EDM world, he swings like a Rolling Stone in this track with more ferocity than we’ve seen from him before. Could this be a hint at what future compositional experiments are to come? I really hope so." - Independent Music and Arts (Clay Burton)

"This is a hot track that is finding its way into steady rotation on stations that go well beyond the specialty markets that AV has already conquered, and it wouldn’t shock me in the least if his next batch of releases climbed up the contemporary Billboard charts as well." Indie Music Reviews (Zachary Rush)

"I often come across artists that I’m certain can have a substantial impact on at least one aspect of music, but few really blow me away with their narrative or approach to making music in general. And then, once in a blue moon, I discover an artist like AV Super Sunshine who does just that with tracks like “Time Bomb”." - MoBangles (Michael Rand)

"AV Super Sunshine lives up to his name in both this track  (Time Bomb) and in its radio remix companion.  It took me a little while to realize the gravity of what I had just listened to, but once I did I sat down and wrote this review." NeuFutur (Kim Muncie)

"AV Super Sunshine’s club mix of “Time Bomb” is one of the unexpected treasures to rise to the surface this year, and it’s my nomination for remix and breakthrough track of 2018." - Razor Fish (Heather Savage)

"I’ve had several close friends who can’t stand electronic music listen to the club mix of “Time Bomb” and tell me that it was the freshest track they’ve heard all summer.  AV Super Sunshine, as far as I or anyone in my social circle is concerned, is the face of modern electronica." - Skope Magazine (Gwen Waggoner)

"AV Super Sunshine is a diverse artist in the sea of sameness that is pop music in the year 2018, and in his club mix of “Time Bomb” he asserts himself as not just a dominant force to be reckoned with in the EDM world but as a rising star in pop and beyond entering the 2020s." - The Indie Source (Anne Hollister)

"AV Super Sunshine likes to give us a glimpse into the depths of his soul with all of his music, but in this scenario I feel like he’s giving us a sneak peek into the future of pop music, more specifically what it will look and sound like in the very near future." - Vents Magazine (Lori Reynolds)


After 14 weeks Apple & Orange still top Global Dance Chart


AV Super Sunshine 'Apple' & 'Orange' top Global Dance Chart



"Apple" and the simultaneously released "Orange" are corner stone songs from AV Super Sunshine's upcoming "Candyland" release.  To build excitement, AV has enlisted legendary Producer/DJ Michael Bradford to first create a CD of Candyland remixes entitled "Candyland Remixes Volume 1"

New remixes debut at #33 and #39 on Global Dance Chart



New Years #1 chart "Smile" replaces Pink and denies Halsey


AV Super Sunshine releases Bass Face remixes!

Bass-Face-RemixesFor his Bass Face CD and remixes AV enlisted the talents of legendary producer Michael Bradford.  Bradford’s background in Rock, R&B and Pop is heard all over these new tunes helping AV Super Sunshine broaden his ever expanding audience by guiding him into a more universal pop territory.

"Bass Face" Dominates 2017 Global Dance & Crossover Charts

Dance Chart (4/16/17)
#1 AV Super Sunshine - Baby Goodbye 2017 (Dance Remix)
Crossover Chart (4/16/17) 
#1 AV Super Sunshine - Baby Goodbye 2017 (Dance Remix)
Dance Chart (7/1/17)
#1 AV Super Sunshine - I Am Alien (Remixes)
Crossover Chart (7/1/17)
#1 AV Super Sunshine - I Am Alien (Remixes)
Dance Chart (1/1/18)
#1 AV Super Sunshine - Smile (Remixes)
Crossover Chart (1/1/18)
#1 AV Super Sunshine - Smile (Remixes)
Crossover Chart (3/16/17)
#14 AV Super Sunshine - Baby Goodbye 2017 (Album Mix)
Crossover Chart (4/1/17)
#20 AV Super Sunshine - Two Hearts (Album Mix)
Crossover Chart (3/16/17)
#50 AV Super Sunshine - Love NYD (Album Mix)
Crossover Chart (5/16/17)
B/O (Breaking Out) - Melancholy Life (Album Mix)


DJ pool comments page receives over 3 million fan votes

Amazing #2 Chart Debut New Entry: AV Super Sunshine's hit "Baby Goodbye" aces both it's 04-01-2017 global dance and crossover chart debut by knocking Britney Spears & Tinashe's hit collaboration "Slumber Party" out of the number 2 place while holding back Ed Sheeran's 2017 Grammy winning mega-hit single "Shape Of You".


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Propelled out of the gate with a #7 Billboard Hot Singles Sales chart in October 2015, AV launched to radio that same month with Just Like Kurt a Kurt Cobain tribute EP (CMJ Top 100) followed in May 2016 by Baby Goodbye (CMJ Top 100) and in November Bass Face (CMJ Top 100).  AV's recordings spent 47 weeks in 2016 on the CMJ college radio charts while receiving over 500 individual radio station adds.  His music videos are featured weekly on dozens of music shows available for view in tens of millions of homes on both cable and network TV.  In 2017 songs and remixes from AV Super Sunshine's Bass Face crushed both the global dance and crossover club charts with now over 35,000 DJ's worldwide reporting spinning his songs weekly.

Bass Face National Radio Charts

College Radio Charts
#60 (unweighted) AV Super Sunshine - Bass Face
College Radio Charts#77 (weighted) AV Super Sunshine - Bass Face

Bass Face Top 30 Radio Charts (individual radio station top 30 charts)

KCSC 94.7 FM Chico CA #11KMUD 91.1 Redway CA #1KMSC 1500 Moorhead MN #26
KRUA 88.1 Anchorage AK #24KSLU 90.9 Hammond LA  #7WBSD 89.1 Burlington WI #9
WCDB 90.9 FM Albany NY #21WHCL 88.7 FM Clinton NY #7WPHS 89.1 FM Warren MI #2
WSIN 1590 New Haven CT #2WVUR 95.1 Valparaiso IN #1M3 Radio Brooklyn NY #1
Radio CUH Honolulu HI #1SCAD-Atl Atlanta GA #27KEUL 88.9 Gridwood AK #4
KUNV 91.5 Las Vegas NV #5WERU 89.9 Bangor ME #5WDWN 89.1 Auburn NY #5

AV Super Sunshine Wisconsin's Coolest Top 10 Billboard Artist!


#7 Billboard Hot Single Sales "Baby Goodbye" (Billboard Chart Link)